From one organisation that relies on volunteers to another, Bloomhill would like to thank Sunshine FM for their support over many years.

They have helped spread the message over the airwaves whether it was promotion of a fundraising event like Bras ‘n’ Bikes or Jazz and Shiraz, or more recently the Covid Emergency Fundraising Appeal.

Sunshine FM staff and volunteers have been there for us time and time again.

Their dedicated volunteer announcers have conducted on-air promos and interviews allowing us to spread the message that Bloomhill is here for those people living with cancer and their families.

We have also utilised their online Community Service page to promote events and activities along with many other Sunshine Coast community organisations.

At times it has seemed that Bloomhill has had wall-to-wall coverage both in the lead-up to and on special days like the recent Be There For Bloomhill giving day and we are very grateful for the support they have given.

By helping us to get our message out Sunshine FM is directly helping Bloomhill to connect with the community for support but also with clients in need of our services. 

 “We express our heartfelt gratitude to Sunshine FM management and on-air and promotions volunteers for the support they have given us and look forward to continuing our great relationship,” Nikki said.

“This is a partnership based on mutual understanding of the need to provide essential services to those living with cancer.

“Thank you to Sunshine FM. And to the Bloomhill community, we ask you to support Sunshine FM by tuning in to 104.9, becoming a member and joining an active Sunshine Coast Community spreading music, information and connectedness over the airwaves.”