We’ve been busy collaborating with three of our Bloomhill clients who have enthusiastically agreed to be the faces of our Be There for Bloomhill fundraising drive through June 2021.  

Each of these clients have their own unique experience of cancers and have accessed Bloomhill services in different ways. 

Their stories are full of surprises as they share their experiences of different cancers including melanoma, testicular cancer, And colorectal cancer as well as secondary spread to liver and lymph nodes.  

These wonderful people open up their lives to us, so we might better understand their cancer experience, their learnings, their lessons.  

These clients bust myths, and their views on how we as a community can better prepare for and survive cancer by being better informed. They are passionate about helping others navigate through the up’s and down’s of this disease. 

We don’t talk enough about cancer, and we should. 

Join us in June – celebrate the heroes among us who are baring all to help bolster Bloomhill, the biggest community-based cancer support organisation in our region. We want to provide individualised support to more people than ever in 2021-22, and with your help, we can. 

Thank you and please keep your eyes open for our call to action and our clients’ big reveal – it won’t be far away! 

While we have you…did you know:  

$30 funds a 10 pass to our group activities (yoga, Pilates, gym) designed to help our client’s live healthy lives while going through treatment and recovery. 

$55 funds a lymphoedema treatment, massage, or reflexology therapy session to relieve anxiety, stress and physical discomfort associate with living with cancer. 

$110 funds a return trip door to door to Brisbane for a client and family/support person for treatments not available on the Sunshine Coast. 

$120 Provides funding for two people to attend our bereavement support group, ensuring care and support is ongoing for loved ones and carers living beyond cancer. These support groups often form lifelong friendships and support networks. 

$310 The cost of 2 months Lymphoedema Management for one woman living with the ongoing impacts of breast cancer surgery and treatment. Breast cancer is currently the no. 1 cancer diagnoses for women living on the Sunshine Coast. 

$600 The gift of free nursing, allied health and wellbeing assessments for an entire year so that someone with cancer can focus their energy on their health and living well with cancer. 

To donate now, visit https://www.bloomhill.com.au/be-there-2021-campaign