Here we are – another year and another decade! 

How are your New Year resolutions going? They say February is the testing time and probably for good reason. If others have failed perhaps you might like to try something new. 

Have you thought of volunteering? You might be surprised how easy and fulfilling volunteering can be. Just ask Kathy. 

Kathy joined our team in January. As one of the amazing people we warmly welcome, Kathy has found her place in the transport division – matching clients with volunteers. 

Kathy came to Bloomhill via Volunteer Sunshine Coast. Having volunteered before and aware of the many positive benefits it brings, she is loving the atmosphere of Bloomhill and the people she meets along the way; clients, staff and volunteers. 

“Volunteering has become part of my life. It brings me satisfaction to give back to the community. I’ve already learnt new systems and the social aspect is a huge bonus. I enjoy teamwork, especially in a place with such a beautiful outlook and for such a worthwhile cause. 

Our volunteers are our backbone. Without the valued time and energy of our Bloomhill volunteers we could not continue, and we acknowledge the wonderful service.

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