Spend time with Meike Zielenski and you’ll be drawn by her calm, compassion and desire to help, all grounded in her love of nature and echoed by Bloomhill itself.

The newest addition to the clinical services staff, Meike is a professional counsellor offering support to clients as they navigate their cancer journey.

For Meike, working at Bloomhill was “meant to be” and is the culmination of a twenty-year life plan which saw her and her husband, who works in conservation, relocate from Melbourne.

“We waited for the children to leave home”, two daughters are in Melbourne and a stepson in Canberra, “then moved to the Sunshine Coast to be closer to my ageing parents. My sister also lives here.”

She’s happy she made the move. “It’s a great place to work, a healing space. It’s a privilege to work here.”

Meike says most of her work is in grief and bereavement counselling with adult clients, their children, partners and carers covering issues from diagnosis to survivorship.

“People can feel lost and confused. I help clients dealing with diagnosis and prognosis.”

She says grief and loss are intimately connected. “People feel the loss of the future they had envisaged. They are coping with the prognosis and also very likely the effects of treatment which may cause depression.

“While some people have supportive partners some don’t, so there may be layers of stress present in addition to cancer diagnosis: relational, financial, physical and otherwise.”

Meike said children are also affected and may have difficulty understanding or may have fears. “They may be worried, will I lose my mummy?”

Her room in the Wellness Centre is “a lovely environment for counselling with a wonderful view of the rainforest”, however she does see clients in the Bloomhill gardens when requested, weather permitting.

She also offers “walk and talk” sessions as an alternative to those who find sitting opposite a counsellor too intense.

As for her new job, Meike calls Clinical Services Manager Trish Wilson a “wonderful manager” and says there are regular support sessions for staff.

“Self-care is super important” she says “and outside interests, passions and pursuits help with centring and grounding”. Meike enjoys the outdoors and goes bushwalking, horse riding and practices 5 Rhythms improvised dancing – a movement meditation practice.

She takes a holistic approach with clients and has a background in Occupational Therapy and an Art Therapy Masters, has worked in major organisations like Headspace and in her own private practice.

Meike holds counselling sessions in the Wellness Centre on Mondays and Thursdays, including a meditation session at 10.15 on Mondays which is accessible to all clients and is also conducted over Zoom.

To make an appointment with Meike contact the front office on 54455794.