3 February 2022  

Bloomhill Cancer Care’s wellness centre facility enables the support of an increasing number of people touched by cancer every year. Demand for our services continues to grow, reflecting an increase in diagnoses and survivorship on the Sunshine Coast. As our supporters in the community may know, we are planning to expand our facilities so we can continue to meet the needs of the community.   

In 2022 Bloomhill is planning to renovate our Buderim wellness centre to provide more therapy rooms, client resources and spaces dedicated to those touched by cancer.  

At present we have limited space for treatments, and important specialist equipment which would support better outcomes for clients. We also use a number of wellness centre rooms as offices for our administration staff.  

We plan to turn the wellness centre main building into a space used only by clients, with reception and client-facing staff based there. Other staff will work from a new office building we’ll construct on site behind the current gymnasium. 

The renovated wellness centre will increase the number of therapy rooms from five to 14 consultation rooms. 

Additionally it will have a same-level reception providing better accessibility for people living with a movement restrictions or rehabilitating, and for parents with prams.  

This expansion will enable Bloomhill to build a more sustainable service and financial future, allowing more diverse services and income.  

Some of the new therapy rooms will be located in the space currently called Multi Function Room B, where large indoor gathering sometimes take place, as well as group classes. We rarely have large client groups in this space, and the reduced size will comfortably accommodate scheduled activities such as yoga, meditation and other group activities. 

A new administration and facilities centre with raised office space will be built above the current staff carpark, and will include a large, 60 square-metre training room which can also be used for client activities where needed, or community leasing to ensure the wellness centre room is reserved for client activities. 

Nine therapy rooms in the updated building will have windows to our beautiful gardens and forest. Five rooms won’t face the bush, and we’re conscious of the need to make them equally as lovely and welcoming to ensure our clients still experience the sanctuary of our site. 

One of the most exciting features of the redevelopment plan is a new ground-floor gym, which will house new equipment we are already fundraising to purchase.  It will be easier to access and have more functionality than the current rotunda gym (which is a raised space). 

We're getting closer to having a timeframe for renovations that will see our beautiful wellness centre refreshed. While we are prepared for delays in sourcing builders & materials, at present we are expecting to begin renovations in the second half of this year.  

We will be continuing client services throughout the renovation and are exploring corporate partnerships and short-term tenancies for the temporary relocation. Please get in touch if you are able to help with leads or suggestions? 

We commit to keep you updated as we now more. Thank you for your ongoing support through this year – Bloomhill’s 25th celebration and a year of change for Bloomhill.