Our qualified cancer care nurses are passionate about supporting you to receive the very best care and treatment throughout your journey with cancer. They follow best-practice frameworks and can provide you with the most up to date research and evidence in managing cancer.  Through your nurse, you will gain access to the right advice, at the right time.  You Bloomhill nurse will work with you to consider all aspects of care, taking a holistic approach which includes supporting your physical, practical, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs as you navigate your cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

At your initial appointment you will meet your cancer care nurse, who will continue to support you and your family throughout your time at Bloomhill.  At this meeting you will discuss a range of topics and explore options of supportive services which may assist you with managing your personal situation. From this meeting, a wellness or survivorship care plan will be created specifically for you.  This care plan can be shared with your GP and treating team, so everyone is on the same page to support your health and well-being.  Your nurse will regularly review and update your care plan and guide you through your choices as your needs change.

Your Bloomhill nurse can liaise with your treating team if required, and can often be the first point of contact for trouble-some side effects, questions about cancer treatments or to discuss referrals to the Bloomhill allied health team and therapists.  In some instances your nurse may recommend you connect with other community based services for your ongoing needs.  Don’t hesitate to call to talk with your nurse between planned appointments if you need