Occupational therapists play an important role in caring for and supporting people living with cancer.   At Bloomhill we partner with the University of the Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapy Department to offer some individualised programs to assist clients to make adjustments in their home or lifestyle to accommodate the changes that living with cancer brings.   Each year, third and fourth year Occupational Therapy students attend Bloomhill on placement to support clients and family members.  Students develop and deliver a variety of group programs such as fatigue management, PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) Workshops, return to work program, or managing cognitive changes after Chemotherapy.   

Final year students also provide free individual OT consultations, where clients undergo a full occupational assessment and then a plan of support and interventions are provided under the support and guidance of one of the University lecturers.  These programs and consultations are provided at no cost, so that clients can benefit from high quality evidence-based services and students have the opportunity to learn in a fully supported specialist community oncology setting.  Details of programs are advertised in the weekly newsletter.