Op Shop and Distribution Centre Volunteer

Bloomhill operates Op Shops across the Sunshine Coast and the Distribution Centre at Kunda Park which also sells to the public. The profit from Op Shop sales helps fund Bloomhill’s wide range of services for people with cancer and their families.

Key Responsibilities as a Volunteer

  • Create a welcoming, pleasant environment in which to greet customers
  • Assist customers in making their purchases
  • Being punctual and reliable
  • Operate the cash register
  • Unpack and display stock in an attractive manner, which is inviting to the customer
  • Prepare items for sale (ironing clothes, mending, washing goods etc) and labelling
  • Dust, vacuum, clean and tidy the shop
  • Accepting of direction from relevant Bloomhill employees

Specific Role Requirements

  • A strong volunteer work ethic and commitment to the Op Shop ethic
  • Ability to communicate in an effective, pleasant manner
  • Commitment to undertaking training in the volunteer role, Work Health & Safety and other training as required
  • Excellent personal presentation, appropriate to the volunteer role