Reflexology is a technique that applies gentle pressure to the feet, hands or face to bring about a state of relaxation and to help the body's own healing process by encouraging a state of equilibrium. 

Reflexology works via the nervous system to access areas of the body as well as on energy pathways, in a similar way to acupressure and acupuncture. It is thought that there are certain points on the feet, hands and face that correspond to the organs and glands in the body and by applying pressure can help to release energy blockages and restore balance in the body. 

There has been some research to show that reflexology can assist with reducing chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy.  Reflexology can also assist with relaxation and pain relief and better sleep, stress and low mood, and provides a general feeling of well-being. 

Although no scientific studies have been conducted that show reflexology helps any of these conditions at present, some other reported benefits of reflexology include improvement in the immune system and hormone balance, reduction of arthritic pain and digestive problems and improvement in sinus problems.   It is considered safe for people with cancer to have reflexology.