Complete an Authority to Fundraise form and get approval from Bloomhill Cancer Care to hold your event. Ensure that you have appropriate public liability insurance to cover your event, as Bloomhill Cancer Care insurance does not extend to external events.

- Ensure that you seek Bloomhill Cancer Care’s permission before using the Bloomhill Cancer Care logo in any promotional activities.

How Bloomhill Cancer Care will Support You

Bloomhill Cancer Care will provide an:

- Event Planning Checklist

- Making Your Event a Success Checklist

- A template letter for you to customize to help you gather prizes for your event

- A template media release for you to customize to help you gather media coverage for your event

Logo Guidelines

The Bloomhill Cancer Care logo is of considerable value as it represents the charity’s brand and image.  Please note any use of the Bloomhill Cancer Care logo must have prior approval)

Below are some guidelines on usage of the

Bloomhill Cancer Care logo by Event Coordinators when holding a fundraising event for Bloomhill Cancer Care:

  1. Ensure that you seek Bloomhill Cancer Care’s permission before using the Bloomhill Cancer Care logo in any promotional activities.
  2. Ensure you have Bloomhill Cancer Care’s permission on how the logo is used on any promotional material, for example, invites.

Fundraising Information and Guidelines

The following guidelines have been developed to assist in the planning of fundraising events with monies raised coming to Bloomhill Cancer Care.

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event for Bloomhill. Your support ensures that we can continue to support people of all ages on the Sunshine Coast to live well with cancer.

Bloomhill Cancer Care is a Sunshine Coast Based charity that supports people of all ages to live well with cancer. With all events being held, we ask the following;

Compliance: that all Bloomhill Cancer Care fundraising activities will comply with relevant legislation, as set out by each state and territory in Australia.

Integrity: all Bloomhill Cancer Care activities must maintain the integrity, values and image of the organisation and its brand.

Quality: Bloomhill Cancer Care will have a commitment to delivering high quality activities.

Return on investment: Bloomhill Cancer Care will seek to raise significant funds with minimal staff and resource investment.

Profile: all fundraising opportunities will aim to add value to Bloomhill Cancer Care’s profile and its work and maintain the reputation of Bloomhill Cancer Care.

Ethics: ethical considerations will be taken into account when entering into partnerships.

Safety: all fundraising activities must be safe for all participants.

Loyalty: the fundraising activity fits with Bloomhill Cancer Care’s current partners and sponsors.

Acknowledgement: Bloomhill Cancer Care will take pride in appropriately acknowledging all contributions.

Your Responsibilities

Event Management

As the Event Coordinator, you will be responsible for managing your Bloomhill Cancer Care event. You will need to manage finances, staffing, marketing, promotion, sponsorship and running of the event. Bloomhill Cancer Care is not able to provide prizes or funds to support your event, or help you to implement the day to day activities of the event.

Money and Financial Record Keeping

The law requires you to keep record of your expenditure and income relating to your fundraising event or appeal. You can use the Bloomhill Cancer Care Expenditure form to do this.

  • Provide us with an accurate estimate of the income and expenses associated with your Bloomhill Cancer Care fundraising event. Generally, a fundraising event should aim to return 60% of income to Bloomhill so event expenses should not exceed 40% of gross profits.
  • - Keep accurate financial records, including receipts for expenses incurred and records of donations and moneys received.
  • - Take only reasonable expenses (such as venue hire and catering) out of the profit generated. You must not incur any expenses in Bloomhill Cancer Care’s name.
  • - For cash donations Bloomhill Cancer Care will provide “donation record sheet “. These downloadable A4 receipt pages are to be filled in and forwarded to Bloomhill Cancer Care, PO Box 319, Buderim QLD 4556 or emailed to [email protected] Bloomhill Cancer Care will issue tax deductible receipts for all donations over $2
  • - Note that the Donation portal on the Bloomhill Cancer Care website cannot be used as a ticketing system for events. The Event Coordinator is responsible for collecting all ticket payments and monies raised at an event through, for example, raffles and auctions.
  • Bank your Funds
  • On registration of your event you would have been issued with a Donor ID Number. Please use your Donor ID Number when you bank your funds or contact Bloomhill.
  • Send in proceeds of your fundraising event within 14 days of the event concluding.

General FAQs

Bloomhill Cancer Care requires you to register your fundraiser and you can do this online. This is so we can provide you with a fundraising resources kit, which contains information to help you run a successful fundraiser. It also gives you all the tools and guidelines you to need to make sure your fundraising meets charity standards around the country.

Why do I need to register to hold a fundraiser for Bloomhill Cancer Care?

There are rules for fundraisers which protect you, your donors and Bloomhill. Our Fundraising Guidelines provide you with information on Bloomhill requirements and your role as an event organiser.

Are there any rules about fundraising?

Bloomhill can provide you with resources to support your fundraising efforts including the Bloomhill logo and conditions of use and tips for promotion of your event.

How will Bloomhill benefit from my fundraising and where do the donations go?

Funds raised go towards running Bloomhill therapies and services. A report of our finances can be found in our annual report.  Bloomhill provides support, therapies and services to people of all ages so they can live well with cancer.

Are donations tax deductible?

Event expenses need to be withheld prior to the banking of monies raised through fundraising. Bloomhill is unable to

refund for event expenses and Bloomhill’s requirements are that expenses do not exceed 40% of donations.

Can Bloomhill provide volunteers for my event?

Due to limited resources and high demand we may not be able to fulfill all requests. Please submit requests eight weeks prior to your event and we can look at your request and advise accordingly.

Can Bloomhill provide a speaker for my event?

To request a speaker email [email protected] with a short description of your event, including date, time, location and number of people expected to be in attendance. Due to limited resources and high demand we may not be able to fulfil your request. Please submit requests eight weeks prior to your event. Please note speakers include our CEO, Patron and Nursing staff.

Can Bloomhill provide flyers and brochures for my event and post on social media?

Due to the number of events and limited resources we are unable to promote every event on social media. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear about your event. Make sure to tag Bloomhill on facebook and Instagram  bloomhillcancercare and we will endeavour to share.