“Through volunteering each and every one of us can experience the best of humanity - from small acts of charity to selfless acts of kindness. In these times of great change and incredible diversity, we all know that when adversity strikes, whether in the form of bushfire, floods, international conflict, or ill health there will be a fellow Aussie there to help out. It's the tradition of the digger, the character of mateship, and the enduring power of good”

- Mark McCrindle “Power of Good”


Our 500+ volunteers are vital to the success of Bloomhill Cancer Care. Every person whether they be staff, volunteers, donors and/or business supporters EACH plays a crucial role in supporting our Sunshine Coast community by making life just a little bit easier for people living with cancer.

As a volunteer you can make an impact with us! Whether it be directly supporting our Wellness Centre Services through assisting Client Care Administration, Client Transport, Client Buddy and Child Minding Support, Gardening and Maintenance, OR indirectly supporting these services by helping raise funds through our Op Shops, Distribution Centre, Markets, Fundraising Activities, Functions and Events, Bloomhill Community Café, Digital Marketing & Communications.. TOGETHER our amazing volunteers ensure support is there where and when it is needed most. 

Last financial year over NINETY-TWO THOUSAND hours were volunteered throughout Bloomhill, equating to more than $2.3 million in value. How amazing is that?! Every hour donated, means more money can be directed at supporting our clients through their cancer journey. And that is priceless to us!

By gifting your time you are not just becoming a volunteer with us, you are becoming part of our Bloomhill Family - with a shared commitment to service the cancer care support needs of our community. We do this with shared values of trust, respect, empowerment and the utmost compassion and care.

We warmly welcome you to explore the many ways you can make a difference with us.  




There are so many ways you can make an impact with Bloomhill Cancer Care. Click on the below images to explore the various volunteering opportunities we have on offer!




For further information on becoming a volunteer please contact:

Alexsandra Bert

Community Service Manager

PH: 5445 5794 Ext. 150