“I’m a Bloomhill volunteer because it’s local and such a good cause.” – Lesley MacNamara  

Vital to our success is the large band of over 500 dedicated volunteers who provide valuable assistance as part of the whole Bloomhill suite of services at low or no cost.

When you decide to become a Bloomhill Volunteer, you are ensuring that our service to the community continues.

Volunteers find their niche in many different ways within Bloomhill – below are some opportunities waiting for you.


“Through volunteering each and everyone of us can experience the best of humanity - from small acts of charity to selfless acts of kindness

In these times of great change and incredible diversity, we all know that when adversity strikes, whether in the form of bushfire, floods, international conflict, or ill health there will be a fellow Aussie there to help out.

It's the tradition of the digger,

the character of mateship,

and the enduring power of good”

Mark McCrindle  “Power of Good”


Is Volunteering for me?

Are you? / Would you?

New in the area or recently retired?

Between jobs or on a study break?

Considering what it is to be working in health care, community setting or retailer industry?

Working part time or returning to work and need work like experience?

Looking for work and considering participation in the volunteer opportunity option to meet your mutual obligation requirements with your job network?

Have extra free time on hand for an approx. 4 hours per week for next 12 months?

Like to get involved and get to know your local community better?

Like to use your skills and qualification to benefit others?

Like to make a difference to someone life, help to break barriers and reduce isolation?

Like to have enjoyable experience doing what you love and meet community minded fun people?

Op Shop and DC

Helping out in a Bloomhill Op Shop can be such a rewarding and happy experience. Your will assist with any tasks in relation to daily operation of the Op Shop or DC including receiving donations, sorting, pricing, customer service, Your day is filled with meeting the most interesting people and everything you sell is helping Bloomhill to care for local people, clients and their family faced with a cancer diagnosis

Right now, you can become a Bloomhill Op Shop Volunteer. Your help can work wonders!


Buddies are responsible for providing support in the form of care and companionship. When you decide to become a Bloomhill Buddy Volunteer you know that you will be trained to be fully qualified to provide support for people facing the diagnosis of Cancer.  Helping people to overcome a major crisis in their life can be one of the most rewarding things you can ever do.

Candidate for a Buddy volunteer will have to be at least 18 years of age, have not experienced a major personal bereavement within the past 12 months and can make a commitment of a minimum of one hour per week for at least 12 months for this role specifically.


Bloomhill Concierge give their time at the Bloomhill Centre on Ballinger Road to ensure we offer a welcoming and enjoyable place to visit. From managing our busy kitchen and laundry to tidy the deck and supporting our café.  The Bloomhill Centre has a multitude of tasks to keep you interested and fulfilled.


Are you handy? Can you turn your hand to fixing things around the home?
Our Maintenance Team are always on the look-out for people like you!

Administration Duties

If you have an administration background that includes phone, reception duties, customer service and know your way with a computer we have positions available at the Centre.

You will need to commit to a full day (8:30am – 4:30pm) on a weekly roster.

After initial intake interview, you will be provided with on-the-job training. Successful completion of this training will see you being offered an opportunity to fill in shifts. An ongoing volunteer roster position is offered to our regular fill in volunteers when vacancy become available.

Transport Assistance

Bloomhill Cancer Care Transport Service is a Volunteer service funded through Community support.

Bloomhill transport service is available to eligible patients requiring transport to and from Bloomhill Cancer Care and for consultations or treatment across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

  • For all services offered at Bloomhill
  • For consultations with your specialist and medical appointments
  • For Radiation Treatment
  • For Chemotherapy Treatment
  • For Allied Health Consultation
  • For carers to come to the Bloomhill Centre to access support services

What we need to know?

  • Are you independent in terms of travelling to and from appointments?
  • Do you require assistance from family to attend appointments?
  • Would a transport service be helpful to you?

Eligible patients:

  • You live on the Sunshine Coast
  • You have no other transport options available or
  • You have difficulty in organising transport, such as if family members are not available in certain circumstances
  • You can get into car unaided or with  minimal assistance
  • A carer may travel with you

Referral for Transport:

  • Please inform your RN of your need to have transport provided.

Travel Costs and Assistance

The cost of Transport Service are calculated on cost per kilometer basis, and are subsidised to make sure they are affordable.  Our fee structure can be provided by contacting the centre.

In some instances, patients may be eligible for the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme or maybe eligible to access Bloomhill subsidy. Please inform your RN if you would like more information on how to apply for the scheme or if you would like to learn more about accessing Bloomhill’s financial assistance.


The Bloomhill Resource and Fundraising Support Team hold numerous functions and events throughout the year, which is supported by our Events Coordinator and our valued volunteers.

All money raised from events and fundraisers provide the much-needed support to our clients through client therapies and services.

The Resources and Fundraising team has many opportunities for volunteers, as we are keen to grow our enthusiastic and talented team. It is a great opportunity to contribute and to have a lot of fun at the same time, create new friendships and do something to help others in your community.

Cotton Tree Market Volunteers

Bloomhill holds the permit for the management of Cotton Tree Markets. The Cotton Tree Market is held every Sunday at King Street in Cotton Tree  from 7am to 12pm and features local fashion, home wares, toys, sculptures, skin care, jewellery, art and crafts plus plenty more  as well as special activities and entertainment, including live music and face painting.  The majority of goods sold at this market are made by local artisans or sourced locally.

As a Cotton Tree market volunteer you will need to be available every 4-6 weeks on a Sunday. There are a number of positions available including minding Bloomhill info Markie, and info giving, selling raffle tickets, or driving Bloomhill van and setting up and pack up of Bloomhill site.  


Our 4 hectares is lovingly maintained by our dedicated gardeners. If you love being in the great outdoors, then
 volunteering in the amazing gardens of Bloomhill would be a dream come true.

Volunteers are our lifeblood. Volunteering at Bloomhill makes all the difference!